Intercart for sport

I met Antonio for business reasons: he was the “classical” seller while I was a purchasing clerk.
From the very beginning I understood that Antonio had nothing of the “classical seller”: he was hardworking and ready to sacrifices… that’s maybe why we became interested in each other. From that moment on we felt profound respect for each other and our friendship is still alive today.
From that moment on I shared my works, my toils and sacrifices with him until a fruitful collaboration in Sport was born… the one with a capital S. Yes, because later on I discovered that Antonio had sport inside him and I, passing by chance in his life, only rekindled his passion for this world.
I will always be grateful to him, not only because of our collaboration but also because he made me realize that no matter how long you’ll be waiting for, but if you have a passion and you have it inside and you’re willing to make a sacrifice to follow it, this will blow up again and sooner or later you’ll be ready to accompany it.

Flavio Bomarsi
Marketing Manager
“5-a- side Football Club Latium”

Antonio Capelli makes me think of a sentence that could be used on our double sided jersey... one that could be read by him, in one way, and by me, in another. It would say: “I would never have thought that he could achieve these goals. But Antonio was special. There was no limit to would he could do”.

Antonio always speaks his heart and more than once I have thought that he has the ability to read my mind. He's an incredible man.... what he has done for his company is impressive and what he has done for the Stella Azzurra Basketball Team is extraordinary too. He has encouraged us to accomplish goals that we could only have dreamed of accomplishing in the past 80 years.

Antonio often says that asking oneself and others the right questions is what makes a difference. His attitude towards life and his business has made a great impact on me.

Sports for Intercart is much more than a slogan.... especially now, at a time when Italy is no longer the driving force for cultural growth that it once used to be.

Thanks to Antonio Capelli and his company, our values, emotions, our club's history and its victories has come to light. He has helped us to go about things in a different way. Before we studied the past only to live in the past. But Antonio has taught us to to study the past, in order to change the future. He has encouraged us to ask questions never asked before and try things never tried before.
It's been challenging, but it's proved to be a trump card.

For those of you who have faith, for those of you who still, despite everything, have the courage to believe in something or someone, Antonio, and Intercart, are what you're looking for.