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By two generations INTERCART is a constant and reliable partner for all protagonists who work successfully in the paper branch in Italy.

Customers appreciate the professionalism, the talent, the reliability, the business efficiency as well as the customer service of INTERCART and of the paper mills it represents.

The employees of INTERCART are updated periodically about all the latest technical innovations and business news of the paper mills for which they are operating for. INTERCART takes care with special interest, fussiness and with personal daily commitment of its own employees of the need of every single customer and this without any question, signed out its work during the last few decades on the Italian market.We are sure to satisfy even all your needs within our enclosed offer.

INTERCART was officially established in 1969, but its origins go back to the twenties, when Dr. Franco Maria Capelli was General Manager in the paper mill Fabriano Miliani. Later, in the fifties, he became one of the most active protagonists in the distribution sector on the Italian market.Then, this activity was developed and expanded by his son, Vincenzo Maria Capelli, which with INTERCART’s establishment began to be agent for several prestigious European paper mills on the Italian market.In the 80's, the company's management passed to the third generation. Safeguarding all strict company principles as tradition and business accuracy, Antonio Maria Capelli began to modernize the company introducing a computer system projected into the future. At the same time, INTERCART felt the great importance of the factor product quality for the Italian market and began to focus his agency agreements with German, Austrian, French, Slovenian and other European paper mills, but never overlook the cooperation with Italian producers.We can say today that the paper business in Italy cross the history of Capelli’s family. INTERCART has that certain know-how in this field and that certain "savoir faire" in contact with customers which are highly appreciated characteristics by paper manufacturers, as well as on the Italian market and its customers.

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Antonio Capelli

Amministratore unico

Benedetta Capelli


Tommaso Capelli


Eleonora PALOMBO

Responsabile Finanza- Controlling
Affari Generali

Penelope Scarcella

Responsabile backoffice commerciale

Davide D’Errico

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